Micronized powdered minerals, already patented and EPA certified lab tested for broad spectrum antipathogenic effectiveness, are combined with Leonard’s proprietary trace mineral, activation complex, to create a concentrate that enhances bio-availability across membranes.  Exogenously, there are scanning electron microscope images showing the virus being fragmented by the electrical discharge between the negatively charged virus and the positively charged surface of the active minerals.

These inactive viral fragments could contribute to continuity of immunity enhancement.  When these minerals are micronized their active surface, area increases by orders of magnitude.   Viruses are drawn to the mineral surface by opposite charge and eliminated.  What occurs when this same mineral combination is absorbed by the body by ingestion, is not allowed to be stated.


Professor Leonard Sonnenschein, is a cellular biologist, residing in Boca Raton, Florida. He has developed a product that should be properly evaluated for its potential to reverse the progress of viral infections, within hours, possibly disabling the virus and other pathogens with only beneficial side effects. Cells are common to plants and animals. Leonard’s innovations include the ability to open the pores in the cell membranes to enhance the bioavailability of the beneficial solutions that he introduces.


If a widely available, inexpensive, nonprescription, 1-ounce drink, with only beneficial side effects, was able to stop and eliminate this disease at its earliest stages; there should immediately be no further need for an economic and social lock down.  The COVID-19 virus could then be less threatening than the common cold, for which we have had no cure (at least until now). 

At first signs of symptoms or exposure the product could be available from your medicine cabinet or at any convenience, grocery or drug store.

 Be aware, if the developer of this product is allowed to save the world, he has the technology to feed the world, along with some additional benefits, to improve life on the planet.

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